Question on GS-E i have seen in many postings

I have a question, im sure its dumb. on some GS-E macros the double quote is used ” and on some the single is used ‘ does it matter which one you you use to enclose commands. I guess what I mean is will both of these work using GS-E

“/cast [nochanneling] !Kill Command”,

‘/cast [nochanneling] !Kill Command’,

Just trying to understand why i see ‘ or ” in different posts.


Personal Preference. You can use ’ " [[ interchangability as long as you use the same closing ie in reverse order ]] " ’

I use " and i can then enclose spells like Templar’s Verdict without causing a lot of mess.
“/cast Templar’s Verdict”, is a lot more readable than
‘/cast Templar’s Verdict’, or for my preference
[[/cast Templar’s Verdict]],