Quick question

Hi everyone. This might sound like a silly question, but here it goes. I have been using macros for a while now but when i try to use ANY rogue macro it locks up on me. I use macros with just about every other class i play. I recently made a rogue but i cant find a macro that works. I’ve attempted to use more than 1 and they all seem to lock up on garote for some reason. Any ideas?

Certain skills can only be used in certain forms/stances. [Stealth] is just one but it won’t catch advanced forms like Shadow Dance for example as that’s a higher form so skills like Shadowstrike will not work on a line using [stealth] while Shadow Dance is active.

People need to be smarter on working conditionals into their macros for these kind of things…

Thank you so much. I’ll keep looking around for one that works for me. I appreciate it.