Quick Setup: Swap Bar Macros...

Download the addon pack and follow the instructions outlined in this post.

– OR –

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to WoW.
  2. Disable ALL Addons (temporarily).
  3. Open the Game Menu (click the red question mark).
  4. Choose the Interface option.
  5. Select the ActionBars option (left side).
  6. Uncheck the Bottom Left Bar, Bottom Right Bar and Right Bar checkboxes (right side), and click the OK button. *This will allow you to scroll through ActionBars 1 through 6 using Blizzard's built-in UP and DOWN arrows.
  7. Close the Game Menu (click the Return to Game button).
  8. Open Blizzard's built-in Macro Editor (type /macro).
  9. Click your character's Specific Macros tab (top).
  10. Click the New button (bottom).
  11. Name your macro, then click the OK button.
  12. Copy & Paste any Swap Bar Macro code from this site into the Enter Macro Commands: box.
  13. Click the Save button.
  14. Repeat steps 10 - 13 for each macro needed.
  15. Drag and drop each macro to the appropriate Bar/Button slot as indicated by the macro Author.
  16. Close the Macro Editor (click the Exit button).
  17. Test your macros to make sure they work properly.
  18. Enable addons (if necessary).