Quick victory rush question

I know this isn’t what this forum is for normally and I have been using macros from here for a long time now but I just need a quick explanation for a way to simplify just victory rush on my warrior. What I’m asking is without the normal full rotation consequence macros is there a way to macro victory rush with another ability so I can reduce my keybinds by 1 and have victory rush cast when it’s available by simply running my normal rotation? I’m sorry if this is a waste of time or waste of a thread but I’m trying to get back to not using the full rotation macros and doing it myself and having victory rush on its own keybind annoys me because it’s not always available and I have other abilities I would like to use in its place but considering its arm’s only way to heal i can’t afford not to have it. I appreciate any help on this greatly and have a great day everyone.