Raging/Crushing Blow - Fury Warrior v1.2 - GSE 3.1.27 (1/13/2022)

The AOE version turns off Berserker stance and turns it back on repeatedly in

If its causing a problem, you can remove it, personally i dont run it, but i know people like it in case they forget to turn it on.

Message me in direct message and show me a screenshot of what you changed, ill try to replicate it and see if i can help you resolve it. Ill need a bit to respond, been busy lately.

That’s because you’re not using OP talent string, we all know they’re messed up because yesterday patch give him time.


If OP talent string uses both stances, pretty sure he does because Rallying Cry is a must, and you only have one It will keep spamming the stance.


Nostance:2 checks if you have that number of stance up, battle stance in the macro of the image. As I’m not whenever the macro fires off it will go into battle stance and that will set a YES or 1 (Boolean check), so nothing will happen after that until you turn it off or change stance.

TLDR: Check your talents because something is messed up right there.

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I ran this in raid, did pretty alright.
shift = recklessness+ravager
ctrl = avatar+spear

With anger management cooldowns dont always line up it is why they are seperate now









Hey mate, trying out your new macro, i can get ctrl = avatar+spear to work but shift = recklessness+ravager doesn’t go off ant help would be much appreciated.

I just checked the macro, and its working as intended on my end. I know there are settings in wow that might intefere with shift mod specifically. But i personally havent had to change those settings and it works for me. There are posts around the forum that discuss this though.

Do I need two different macros for AOE and ST right? Sorry noob in this area. Playing prot all the time and I love it but never played Fury or Arms before and would love to try but not sure how to use this macros as there is not many around and seen yours perform really well.

Above from shift I need to change to alt right if I want alt instead of shift as mod?

For this new version yes… you can also replace shift with alt, should work the same. I dont use alt personally as i use it as my push to talk button

unsure of what to currently be using , v1.2 or v1.3 are you still just testing 1.3 ?
im currently still using v1 haha, with v1.2 also, i dont want to it use WW or odyns, i would rather use them myself, can i simply just delete the 1 line that says /cast [combat] Odyn’s Fury as below, or would that mess up the block ?

Can’t wait to try. Haven’t been on to try since buff. Liking it?

The one i linked the replies is a test version, the 1.2v is Crushing blow build, which still works and can still be used, maybe not as much dmg as the new builds but should be good in the meantime. I dont want to take that away from people.

I think its okay, alot of the dmg comes from am/ravager combo, so dmg without cds might be lower than CB build, but dmg with cds on new macro should allow you to go past cb… good thing here i took out bloodthirst… we are almost perma enrage and we use raging blow as fillwer. So it makes it much easier to write

Well I’ll try both as you make them :frowning:

Im quite happy with it so farm… in dungeons im holding 50k st on boss and overall 60-70k with 400 ilvl and non itemized gear.


It is working great for me. Using the Razer Tartarus Chroma v.2 on the other hand locks up the macro if I try to press a modifier. If I use the keyboard it works great. I am confident in saying that the macro works great.

Thanks for the great work. Off to find a fix for the Tartarus.

which version do you use? @LivinOnTheCorner

I am using the test version i posted a week ago

Ill update main thread later this weak, i will also keep the raging blow/crushing blow available… It still works and is viable

i cant import talent can you refresh the code pls?

1: Put into your search bar www.wowhead.com and press Enter

2: Look for Fury warrior icon in the home screen and click it

3: Scroll down and choose the correct talent build do you want to use:

4: Press Copy Raid Build

5: Import in-game.

6: Enjoy @LivinOnTheCorner macro.

PD: Normally us, as creators, use wowhead default talent strings for our makings. So It will be easier for everyone.