Raid_M+_Borland1891_Brew New for 10.2.6 Update: 2024-05-30

This macro works for both M+ and Raid. Use defensives manually and Mods are explained in description.

New Update 2024-05-30. Changed a bit in rotation and swapped to Press the Advantage. My personal Feeling is it did make macro better but please test and let me know.


Usage Information


Mods in macro:
ALT= [mod:alt,nochanneling] Touch of Death
SHIFT= [mod:shift, nochanneling, @cursor] Ring of Peace
CTRL= [mod:ctrl, nochanneling, @cursor] Summon White Tiger Statue

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.69-PatronBuild.


Hey @Borland1891_2325 great work!

One question… what’s the difference between version 1 and version 2?

Hmm, 2 ver? Its only 1 in this macro? I even downloaded this to check and i can only see tab1.

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I accidentally did a merge which created a second version, thanks for the macro and your time! =)

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rolling without double kegsmash ?
for call was there a reason u did that or just gelt better ?

I just made it like this and i did not even think about double. Also i think i have tried that but never got a smooth flow so i just forgot about it :slight_smile:

This is by far the best macro I’ve tried. Other macro’s seem to not use Celestial Brew / Expel Harm in the sequence which ofc is fine u can push it normally but having them in the sequence coupled with Press the advantage gives almost constant damage reduction / immunity. Couple it with with a defense trinket and this is deffo the tankiest macro of all of them.

I’ve been doing +8s with this at ilvl 500 which i think is probably a lil on the low side for Gear score so a testament to how well it works :slight_smile:

Sounds really nice. Happy it works as intended.
Best regards

Just updated main post with new version. Changed abit in rotation but not much and only to get more uptime on buffs and debuffs. 10 min on Boulderfist showing really good numbers. I have 2 set and ilevel 488

Just updated my macro. Changed to Press the Advantage instead.
Please test and let me know if you like it.

OOh I actually was using the macro with PtA when i tested it :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it’s even better now… i’ll try some n feedback

ok, I’m averaging 270k on dummies @512 ilvl. I noticed there is a 1-2 second pause every now and again. It wasn’t casting expel harm as much as I like so I added expel harm at the end of each sequence and now the pause has gone. I am running GSE at 50ms so it’s possible it was missing it being too fast but either way looks good. Gonna jump into some keys n try.

Yea you probably get some pauses due to the speed, i did macro at 100ms so if going faster it probably will miss abit.