Raid ready macro 8.3?

anyone out there able to make a updated raid ready one button macro for 8.3 for raids that pushes good numbers and that works please and thank you

There are multiple of very good macros on the site.
Try a few out and find out which works best for you. Every macro is tuned to the creator - meaning you won’t get the exact same result.

i have tried every macro for destro none of them work very well at all two of them are updated the very few others are completely old and out of date and dont work at all id make my own but i dont know how and what to do and to tune it to my character to get good results is there a guide youtube video or some one that can spare some time to lend me a hand to make a macro please

You’ve tried this one to where it’s even updated and improvised

yes i have and it does not meet my standards as to what Firefast said above every macro is tuned to the creator of the macro i dont know how to create these macros using GSE and using modifiers and setting up the AHK with my mouse

Hopefully this post will help you to set up AHK What is MS and how can I change it? Answered (With working AHK script you can use with Modifiers)

Sorry for the late reply!
The creation of a GSE macro is actually much more simple than you think!
To make it easier you can run a sim for your character and find the most optimal way of playing your class (in aspect of dishing out as much damage as possible).

The most common commands for GSE are /Cast or /castsequence.
Pull out a few spells and build the macro whilst taking world MS and firing speed into consideration - sooner or later you’ll hit the sweet spot. Some macros takes weeks to actually finalize (and most will never be finished).
Tip is to not include longer CDs/Burst CDs as you might need them for TW/BL.

@Elfyau <- Makes some pretty great macros. Go check them out!

You can obtain the same AHK results from using ex. Razer Synapse and such - however that requires the hardware :slight_smile:

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