Raiding HC

Ok guys here is a question for u raiders. Unholy dk with GnomeSequencer.

Sequences[‘UST’] = {
PreMacro = [[
/cast [combat] Anti-Magic Shell
/use [combat] 13
/use [combat] 14
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
‘/cast [nopet] Raise Dead; Dark Transformation’,
‘/cast Death Coil’,
‘/cast Plague Strike’,
‘/cast Festering Strike’,
‘/cast Scourge Strike’,
‘/cast Outbreak’,
‘/cast [combat] Soul Reaper’,
‘/cast [combat] Remorseless Winter’,
‘/cast [combat] Summon Gargoyle’,
PostMacro = [[
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Only doing 9 or 10k dps on Butcher Boss what am i doing rong when rest of my raid are hitting alot more. Some other dk’s are doing like 20k can some 1 pls help me with this.

PS: This is Single target buy the way.

Have the same problem here, im using 2 different gs macros and the same 9-11k max

The same problem, maybe there is someone with decent pve uh dk GS macro?