Raiding MM Macro. ST and AoE, All-in-One

First of all, I am a huge fan of this site and addon, but I have personally always had an issue with a lot of the macros posted here. I like to control my CD’s and certain other abilities, independent of the macro, so as to eek out just that little bit more damage. Saving my CD’s for burn phases, or big AoE packs is often a key part of raiding or high M+ keys, so I can’t really automate their usage. Which lead me to the creation of this macro. After being asked for my macros from friends throughout the years, I was finally convinced that I should post them here, and share with the community at large (and gather much needed feedback).

Thank you for reading, and for any feedback to feel like offering me.



Talents: Any and all of them! Go Crazy!

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.33.

Trueshot, Double Tap, and Covenant Abilities will all need to be controlled manually. Volley will fire automatically @cursor if specced, as its only a 45 second CD. Steady Shot will also need to be manually fired twice in a row if you spec Steady Focus (The macro does OK at this, but it will drop periodically if you rely entirely on the macro.

Holding alt will switch to a full AoE rotation. CD management will still need to be done manually.


This sounds nice for me! i will try it! thank you for sharing!

Hi! What ms are you firing this at? :slight_smile: Looking forward to trying it.

Personally, I run at 50 ms, but not because of this macro specifically, but just as a general setting. Anywhere between 50 and 100 should have about identical performance, just because of how much actual casting you are doing with MM. Steady Shot, Rapid Fire, and Aimed Shot.

great job - i played around for a few minutes and it perform ‘out of the box’ as good or better as one that i’ve been monkeying around with for the past 2 weeks.

I had no focus issues at all…always high enough
I only noticed explosive and rapid being off CD and delayed for a cast or two longer than i’d personally like, but its minor

i’m going to tweak it slightly to my liking (muscle memory modifiers) and will play with it more.

Thanks for the submission!

by modifications, essentially when in trueshot i want to limit the number of steady shots that come out, so i may add a modifier to force cast aimed or rapid more (or even arcane for precise procs)

Let me know how the modifications work out and what you actually change. I’d be glad to update! Thanks for trying it out!

Hey, ty for macro. I tested with other MM macros in 5m on dummy. Ofc ms,shot time and other factors will be change for other players. Here’s results for me.

170ilvl , Legendary item with Serpent Sting, Raid Talent Setup , Overall Dps by details addon.
2.2k - 2.3 k dps around

2.2k - 2.3k dps around

2.3k -2.5k dps around

i did 2 times , spent 30mins for macros… ty for all macros.

edit: if u do mythic+ aoe version, i’ll be happy :slight_smile:

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Literally just hold Alt, with my version, and it’s set up for AoE. The full rotation switches. CD’s will still need manual application, but the actual rotation (to include explosive shot and volley - if talented) will fire. When Volley is nearing coming off CD, make sure your cursor is where you need it, haha.

Thanks for testing! Appreciate the feedback.

awesome :slight_smile:

anyway you could split aoe into a separate im trying but i cant get it to work correctly.

holding alt is a pain in keys and raid

Honestly I don’t know how people can play doing AOE in the ALT key. While you are pressing ALT and attempt to switch target with TAB then you already swapped the game window with another window and your game is now gone somewhere.


what talents are you using?`

Its a wonderful macro! but where can i add Hunter’s Mark?
Ive put " /cast reset=target Hunter’s Mark " in KeyPress, doesnt work.
put it in Pre and PostMacro, doesnt work. i even added it to the sequence and still no luck.
im looking to have it so that itll auto hunters mark every new enemy i target.