Ranged DPS Macros - Which Are You Using?

Hi guys,

Just wondering which Ranged DPS Macro is the most popular at the moment with people playing in the new patch?

I’ve tried Elemental Shaman, MM Hunter, BM Hunter and Balance Druid macros in the past, but I’m not sure which ranged class I preferred and also wondering about overall performance of ranged classes with GSE, like how most people say BM Hunter works smoothly with GSE Macros and perhaps another ranged class is harder to use with macros. My main is a warrior and I’ve never had any problems using macros for tanking/dps but with 9.1 being released I was looking to create a Ranged ALT for fun.

Which Ranged Macro are you using currently and are you enjoying the class with the macro?

Appreciate any feedback, cheers! :sunglasses:

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I’m still using my MM Hunter (BM and SV are still worse DPS for now) macros till I get around to making even better with the new version of GSE 3.

As for the other Ranged Classes I test out and use which ever one gives the highest DPS and go from there.

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