Rate/Improve my macro

Talents 2,3,1,1,2,1,1

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.5.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Immolation Aura

KeyPress: Metamorphosis, Eye Beam, Chaos Nova

Main Sequence: Blade Dance, Chaos Strike, Demon’s Bite

This is the macro I’m currently running in 15-17 keys. I use the macro to take care of the basic rotation with modifiers for Eye Beam, Meta and Chaos Nova. I also click defensives manually.

So far it’s working well for me but I’m always interested in improving so putting it here to get some feedback and to see if someone is able improve the prioritizations/dps. I’m not looking for a 1-button-does-all but curious what can be done to tweak it.



I will give it a try today in hc raid.
How fast u runnin your macro?

Appreciate it. I’m currently running it at 30ms. But I’ve not experimented with it much so I don’t know how/if it affects the DPS it produces much.

Macro looks clean.
Sadly i just could dpsing the first boss then i had too tank.
But what it could do is 76% parse! Some little movment fails from me and just 10% versa(need too have 30%).

I will use this macro as my allday now.
Great job!

Cool. Glad you liked it.

I assume manually clicking for the Neck Essence correct?

improve the prioritization/dps

Havoc Demon Hunter priority system really really simplistic

  • Immolation Aura > Metamorphosis > Blade Dance > Eye Beam > Chaos Strike > Demon’s Bite

So any simplistic priority sequence such as yours will do

Especially since your putting Eye Beam, Metamorphosis, and Chaos Nova on [modifiers], then DPS gains are kinda based on you and whoever uses this macro. (ie … using beam effectively against bunches of mobs etc …)

So basically since your using modifiers there really isn’t any way to improve it per se

But now saying all that - SIM’ing my DH then adding in Beam, Meta, Nova all in the rotation to pop on cooldown your macro SIM’ed ~ 92%

Runs smooth and no lockups no skips so kudos

Could u share your modded Version pls? So we can test it out.

How do you get “SIM’ed ~ 92%”? What addon are you using to determine that?

  1. SIM your character (correctly) at Raidbots
  2. Go attack a raid boss dummy (the correct one)
  3. Make sure you don’t have extra buffs
  4. Attack for 5 minutes
  5. Use details dmg meter see what your DPS is at the end of 5 minutes
  6. Take your DPS divide it (cuz its going to be lower) than your Raidbos DPS max
  7. Multiply that number by 100
  8. That’s your SIM %

Again, would u share your modded macro here pls?

All I did was add in

  • Metamorphosis
  • Eye Beam
  • Chaos Nova

To the main sequence portion of the macro so it would fire off straight off cool down for SIM’ing purposes but here ya go … just get his and add it in

Beautifull how simplicity works.

Added eye beam on cooldown, dont like mods, and u gimp yourself modding it.

Chaos nova off the mod, but indeed used on a diff button.

quicksim’d 50 k with my 470 dh.

fast try on targetdummy gave me 48 k steady, burst to 98 k. so i agree with Usmc. Kudo’s!

It seems to spam demons bite a lot ( sometimes 10 in a row ), might be on my end.
Trying different speeds.

edit : trying 100 down to 30, a lot of demon bite spam from time to time. As said before, 10 in a row. Even keeps spamming while eye beam and blade dance is off cd.

Tried bladepro’s again, 30 ms, 50 k, no spam. So it aint me i guess.

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