Ravage doesn't work. Why?

I am not well coordinated with push many buttons in the game, so I rely on macros and 2 main add-on’s to help me play the game.

The add-on’s I use is Bartender and GSE: Advanced Macro Compiler. Bartender allows you have 10 bars and have Cat stealth abilities use say bar 10

My Rogue macro works really well. Now I am working my Feral Druid macro

I have everything working fine except for the opener part of macro

/cast [noform:3] Cat Form

/cast !Prowl

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

/cast [stealth] Pounce


/cast [stealth] Ravage


/cast Feral Charge – Cat; [stealth] Ravage


/cast Feral Charge – Cat; [stealth] Pounce

Seems that Ravage and Pounce does not happen at all.

Any ideas how fix this?

set pounce and Ravage to mod.
/cast [mod:ctrl] Ravage; [mod:shift] Pounce; next cast