Razer Synapse and GSE?

If I add a GSE macro to my #3 key on my keyboard.
I use Razer Synapse to make a keyboard macro that keeps pressing 3 untill I hit 3 again to make it stop.

Is this allowed? Or does that fall under botting? If so – is there a fix/walk-around?

Thank you!

At the moment, following the one click, one action rule seems to be under Blizzards radar. The addon creator among others, have urged people to bear in mind server load etc and keep the timing as long and natural as possible though

Technically this falls under Botting and people have been banned recently for doing so. I am not the enforcer merely the messenger so make of this what you will.

I am not speaking for Blizzard here but would personally recommending a hold down approach and a higher rather than lower MS. 100ms = 10 clicks a second. Think about what you realistically can maintain for a 3-4 minute period. World record at the moment is 11 clicks a second and that is measured over a 10 second window not a 3-4 minute window.