Razer Synapse Beta Version

Just looking for clarification on the new beta version of razer synapse, first time I have used synapse so unsure if the below is correct.

Where macro’s suggest a speed of 100 for example should the settings in here be 0.50s for button down and 0.50s for button up?

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Type .003 for the total duration = 30ms


Thank you!

I been wondering for ages and thought I had it wrong but then thought to myself, its working so i’ll leave it ha.

Oh just tried and it will only allow me to put 2 numbers after the decimal so like this 0.08 for example as 80ms?

Are you sure it should be 0.003 as in your example?

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i litterally use mine at 0 LOL and then i end the process called Razer Synapse 3 in task manager and it goes so damn fast a bug maybe but been using it for months lol not many ppl know how to do it and if ur fine with it as is then keep it liek that

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