Razor synapse macro help

I am new to this with macro on razor synapse, i would like to get some help how to set up a macro so i can press the 4 on my mouse with 0.30ms

i dont know how to set it, just what to give friendly advice and set it to 250ms. Blizzard doesnt like when people click faster than a human can click. dont want you to get banned for being non human (Bot).

if this has change, anybody let me know.

is there any help as to how to set up razer or is it best to just get ahk?

0.3 ms in Razor is 300ms :slight_smile:

did not know that. thank you for the info.

Or my bad. It´s typed in as seconds so it means you type in 0.3s to get 300ms.
So you where right :slight_smile:
But setting up synapse is not that hard. Just ggogle it and you will see how easy it is @Lillsumo_2227
Best Regards

so it should be 250ms so i make a macro spamming say = key and set delay to .250ms is that correct?

Its 0.250 yes but its in seconds, not ms. Thats the difference.
In GSE it is ms and in synapse its s.
Best Regards