Razor Synapse Mouse Software

Would I get banned if i were to use this software to spam my 3 (macro) key every .75 seconds only while held down and stop when i release it?

No you won’t get banned for using Razor synapse. Swifty has made hundreds of videos of him using razor synapse, and blizz actually made his character into an NPC in-game… So they obviously don’t have a problem with it.

I personally use it, and occasionally people will tell me that its against the TOS and that it’s 'bannable" or considered botting. I use the synapse paired with Gnomesequencer. In a very loose sense this is botting (one key press controlling multiple actions). However, I as a person sitting at me keyboard am in full control of my key presses. I tell the mouse how fast to click and when to click. I do not have a software that can play the game without me sitting there giving it instructions. Gnomesequencer uses the standard api/macro system. So there’s no issue there. And my mouse still is receiving real time instructions from me. There’s not a way to get my razor synapse to play the game in the sense that it will respond to the game environment ie. detect a mining node, walk over to it, and mine it. A botting software can react to the environment WITHOUT a real life person behind it. people like to say its a “gray area” but in the end its as simple as my mouse can not function without me.

Before I used delays, I did get contacted by a GM because I had been reported as a bot and he had to “check it out” because I was using abilities too fast. I confirmed I was a real person and put a delay of .04 (not because no delay is bannable but because I didn’t want to talk to GMs every time I turn on the macro and got reported) and haven’t been talked to since even when people say they’ve reported me. And I run my macros toggled continuously until turned off. Razor synapse is within all of Blizzards rules. If it wasn’t they would not make all those youtubers who use it and video it into NPC’s.

/rant over

I hope that makes sense I got home from a long day at work and I’ve had a few drinks…