RDS Enhancement Macro

After trying some enhancement macros and looking at the features in GSE-3 I decided to try making my own. I designed it to try and get rid of the wasted Flame shocks that crop up sometimes. I left healing off due to my own setup and not using it in a macro.
Lightning Bold is on Mod:Alt
Chain Lightning is on Mod:ctrl
Purge mod:shift, mod:ctrl
I used repeat blocks to get around the tick time of Flame shock and Frost Shock.



Talents: 2111113

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.39.

Any thoughts or suggestions for improvement would be great.

100 ms?!?!


From Tim on our Discord:
The 100 is actually from Blizzard talking to me about what they were seeing and who their automated systems are banning. If you use AHk, GHub, Synapse etc you risk your account every day. The automated systems are looking at unfair advantage.

If you are using toggles to spam keys they are banning people. In the last month 1383 users were banned for using toggles.

Of the people using hold downs they are evaluating how they are being used but it is situational. The advice from Blizzard has been what a person can reasonably sustain for 3-4 minutes. This is around the 400 mark. In the last month 431 accounts were banned for super human click speeds. (Sub 150ms). These people were banned as they had an unfair advantage over normal players which they used to a competative advantage.

Blizzards crack down on Multiple accounts also affects us as we are using the same tools the multi boxers were to send hardware events to the game. I was warned to warn our community. If this keeps falling on deaf ears it is on the individuals head as “we’ve done this for 10 years” isn’t a defence. They have explicitly said change or we may close your account.

This is just the banning side.

As the developer of GSE, GSE3 is a lot more responsive and while the CVar for spell queue does nothing server side there is a buffer server side and that can be flooded. This severely hinders your macros responsiveness. Slowing down your MS, outbound has two benefits. It doesn’t flood the buffer meaning your [mod]s are more responsive and your macro is more responsive and two it makes your macros execution more predictable and accurate. I tried to tell you this yesterday and all you could respond with was it’s too hard to change.

Dude this is shit, im using a tank dh macro since bfa with 10ms speed and i never got banned…

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I can do better: I’ve lowered all of my macros to -.354112147 ms and can now see into the future.

I, on the other hand, do not see any difference in macro speeds from 100 ms up until 250 seem very slow and the spells are not activated in time. at this point I don’t know how to do it anymore

Can u show us any proofs or do u just wanna scare other User?
And why do u act like dickhead? With your -ms?
Feel free too creep around with your slow macrospeed. I gonna go kill some mythic SoD bosses.

Have a nice slooooooow day

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This macro arent working as tended. keeps jamming and dps is kinda low :frowning: 224 itlvl kyrian