really stupid question

ok i may get slatd for this but hey ho right the question is do i just mash this one button to death for these macros or do u have to bash it slowly or wait a sec cause sometimes they work superbly then other times the dps just drops out big style!

Good question Donald and no you won’t get slatd at least not from me anyways lol. Alot of these macro authors have gaming keyboards to where all they have to do is just hold down the button and the macros fire off for them. If you don’t have a gaming keyboard with macro capabilities you would have to machine gun the button until your fingers bleed. Another thing is that some of these macros are set up to where they fire off if they are off on cd’s and which ever one comes of cd’s first and then it’ll do the castsequences and rotates back and forth if that makes any kind of sense. other key factors such as regions can play a role in that for some reason game/software mechanics differ from each region i.e US/EU/Oceanic etc and latency issues. Also one reason if you slowly push the button it gets high dps one moment and the next minute its low is that alot of ppl add abilities like berserking, rapid fire, bloodlust, into their macros and they can still be on CD. I hope this helps in anyway for your question

ok thanks for the reply now do u know anything about programing a x7 keyboard lol cause i dont