Recap's Classic One Button Priest Levling

So this macro I was trying to make is for duo levling with a warrior. Don’t work as good as I wish it would, but Im new to this macro creating.

It will put shadow word pain on target, then cast a Smite and after that just wand the target.
I don’t want my priest to go OOM so it can throw in a heal or two if needed.

Try it, see if its something for you, its not pretty, but kind of works for me.



Just because it’s not pretty as you say, it’s the input that counts :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for contributing!

haha, thanks :stuck_out_tongue: Im just smashing cominations and hope it comes out with the resault I want :joy:

Nice simple macro, works great for me. Added in Mind Blast before Smite once I had trained it.