Recommendation for Outlaw Macro

Was wondering if anyone could recommend a outlaw macro post 8.1?. I tried the most recent ones on the outlaw page but with mixed results(lockups most commonly). thanks in advance

my rogue is only 116 atm, but is my current focus, can you be more specific in your issues?,

sorry i was trying to be PC lol . i’ve tried the “gunrunner” macro and have encountered the issues outlined in its post where it will lock up and just auto attack for an extended period unless reset manually(sometimes), also used the “bhaal” macro to the point of the macro locking up in the same manner described in the post. I have tried tried the fixes recommended but others in those post but ultimately they under perform so i assumed it was the nature of outlaw/gse post the new gse era. I used to use your macro(i believe) during the prepatch but got away from playing rogue and would love to go back to outlaw