Refreshing talents per level?

Is there a way to refresh the talents as you level using the imported talent suggestions on some of the macros? Each level I get a new point but it doesn’t automatically assign it based on the talent specification in the macro. What I’ve been doing to counter this is just saving the talent build string and copy and pasting it into wowhead’s talent builder, then referencing that talent tree and tabbing back to the game and putting a point in where there is an open talent that hasn’t been assigned yet. Workable, but surely there’s an easier method…

GSE doesnt have the ability to put in the talent points for you as you level. so on that i usually wait ever 5 levels to do the tree. i just feel like not much changes in those 5 levels to need to do it every level. plus we level so quickly between 1 and 60. that stopping every level to figure out what point needs to go in, is to time consumeing. lol

Gotcha. I thought it worth asking only because I use a guide addon that puts a +1/+2 out beside the talents that you are recommended to pick at each tier, and wasn’t sure if that was a guide feature or a game setting I was missing. Definitely nowhere near a deal breaker for all the keybanging GSE saves me from, still the first addon I get after WoW breaks. If it weren’t for GSE, I’d either have everything randomly firing on my mouse macros, or find a less button-y game LOL

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Just import the talents into wowhead talent tool and have open on a tab so you can just look at what talent is next. thats what i do when im leveling.