Regular macros for leveling [ Updated 16 Sept 2019 ]

I use tree normal macros now for leveling. Here is what I am using (note any modifiers you can mix and match in any macros as you feel suits you). This is what I use only. Hope I can help some people with the leveling. Also note if you want all modifers in the main rotation macro you must use a macro extension addon (thats why not all are in same macros). I just haven’t got that far, but most ppl frequenting these forums are capable to edit a macro (should be at least). Please if any errors let me know, feel free to help.About Fear, Ideally it’s better to use a macros extension addon and extend the main macro so fear can be included as a modifier. Careful with autospam in dungeons. Rather manually click or spam on hold instead of on/off as I do solo for my rotation.

“I use on mousethumb button. Mix and match what you feel in rotation and this macro for your personal style. This is just what I use.”

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/petattack [@pettarget, noexists]
/cast [@mouseover] Fear

“This should also work on elites and bosses as long you stay on target it should refresh predebuffs correctly. If talents change time for debuffs, adjust shoot so it fits with the cooldowns. I assume ca 2 sec each shoot. Of course when targetswapping it will redo the debuffs as well. Make sure to not swap to much as it drains mana fast. Plan your attacks. It’s no dumbmacros this as we can do in retail.” Also if you use your macros without ahk or similar then you might wanna take shoot out and click shoot manually after buffs are up. Im to lazy for that.

[ EDIT 16 Sept 2019 ] “Changed pet conditionals and rotation to better match cooldown timers. Also ! mark aint needed for regular rotation (tought doesnt seem to be a difference, just spacewaster. Also note that shoot will go a little slower off in a sequence. Ok for solo leveling, but not in dung/raid. Recommend to take it out then and use wand separately or as modifer in this or another macro)”:

/petattack [@pettarget, noexists]
/cast [mod:shift, @target, exist] Drain Life
/cast [mod:alt, @target, exist] Drain Mana
/castsequence reset=combat/target Curse Of Agony, Immolate,Corruption,Shoot,Shoot,Shoot,Shoot,Shoot,Shoot

Debuff Adds Mouseover:
“Note this wont Target adds. Just do some damage until u swap (if you got enuff mana, use with care)” You can probably use conditional like “if unbuffed” (also in rotation) as it can be useful for dungeons if two warlocks or more. I didnt bother with it much. I don’t pull packs anyways.

/castsequence [@mouseover] reset=target Curse of Agony, Corruption



Hi Thanks for your work on this macro,
I’m using your original one at the moment with good results,
With this new edit, can you not add the mouse over in to the main rotation?
For example add it after your main damage rotation?
Or add it to the Pre macro?
Thanks again for your hard work here.
Regards Dave.

This is regular macros, I made the mouseovers for debuff and my opener on separate buttons/keyboardkeys. But you should be able to use mouseovers also if using it in gse, then I would add that in on keypress section. with or without mod:shift. I.e: /cast [@mouseover] corruption or /cast [mod:shift, @mouseover] corruption (as axample) or a sequence. I am not 100% sure is sequence work in keypress as I never used it before, but simple mouseover for one spell with or without modifier keys should work.

Sorry many edits. No sleep for 2 days…lol.

Thanks for the quick reply and all understood,
Now off to bed with you!!!

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No worry :). I was around so. Btw, depending on what you wanna use, you can of course use premacro as well. If its suppose to go before the main sequence, if not try on keypress if clean mouseover spell. If you want it cast after sequence put in last line in sequence. Try it out :slight_smile: GL :wink: