⚔️ REKT Enhancement PVP Macro

Enhancement PVP Macro

Talents 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 3, 3

PVP Talents

  • Grounding Totem
  • Ride the Lightning
  • Swelling Waves

Covenant is Venthyr for the Chain Harvest ability
Legendary is Doom Winds Craft Helm

Currently the mod controls are:

  • Mod Shift - Lightning Bolt
  • Mod Ctrl - Capacitor Totem
  • Mod Alt - Healing Surge

PVP Macro Version


Created for 100ms

If you would like to buy me a Coffee so I can stay awake and keep making these I would appreciate it !!

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Made an account just to say this is awesome. No complaints at all!

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Really appreciate that man. We (macro makers) rarely hear this sorta thing so it means a lot thanks. Let me know if you think something would help or a variation you’d like to see.

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WOW! I’m destroying fools with very little gear, not 60 yet but DAMN!!! Gr8 work!

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Thank you very much. Kick some A$$

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I don’t main a shaman but after you posted i went back on mine. Is it me or does it take a min to get ramped up? It might be the class itself and not my macro i just wasn’t sure.

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I think it does, but maybe with more haste and crit it might not be as long?

Could be what it is. Mine isn’t as gear as it should be right now. Once e gets going in a bg though hes a tough cookie

Hello friend, very good macro !!

but could it be without occupying the medallion of sinful aspirant?

it would be great greetings!


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If you type gse and bring up your list of macros highlight mine and hit edit, then scroll down to the bottom and you will see check marks next to the trinkets. Just uncheck which ever one you dont want to use.

And thanks for the feed back on it I am glad you are enjoying it.

Hi what ms are you runnig with this macro?

100ms all my macros are ran on that

@Rekt , any plans to update this one for the newer version? This thing rocked prior to GSE update. Now I get warnings when logging into my shaman

I am getting Lua errors on my monk constantly and I can’t figure out why. I haven’t tried the shaman but I am assuming that is what you are talking about. I haven’t reached out to Tim to figure out what I need to do to stop it from popping up. Is the macro still working?

SO the issue with the LUa errors I was getting was from another macro, on my monk i was getting errors constantly. I deleted other macros I had in my list and the errors stopped. I didnt think to ask before does the macro still work if you use it?

The macro does work in GSE3, and remains my own go-to for Enhancement. I don’t remember off the top of my head if this is one of those that generates LUA errors. I know some do, as the pop-up will happen wanting to know if I want to disable my addons.

I’m gonna go sit in the corner :stuck_out_tongue: Sry, when I posted this I was just going through the characters and saw the GSE error that it might not work. But I eventually tried it and ya, it still works :stuck_out_tongue: My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

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