⚔️ REKT's Protection Paladin 4/30/21 Added Covenant Ability

Rekt’s Prot Paladin Macro

I main a Prot Paladin and have clear CN on Normal, Heroic and some Mythic using this macro. It keeps RIghteous up 99% of the time. Consecration goes off a lot but it helps the GCD so I let it fire like that.

Mod Alt - Ardent Defender
Mod Shift - Word of Glory (Continue to hold down macro and shift)
Mod Ctrl - Avenging Wrath

Talents are 1,2,3,1,1,3,2
Covenant is Kyrian. If you need to switch Covenant ability just swap out the Divine Toll for yours.
Legendary I use which is personal preference is Relentless Inquisitor


If you would like to buy me a Coffee so I can stay awake and keep making these I would appreciate it !!


Nice work !
But when I hold shift holy power wont generate :thinking:

I just verified, while continuing to use the macro and holding shift it still goes through the rotation. Where I placed the shift mod in the sequence it still allows the macro to function. Maybe it is in your other bindings.

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Wooow, gratz!
which ms to use?

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100ms most if not all run at that

This is likely due to your keybindings. To fix this type /gse then click ‘Options’ then ‘Macro Reset’ and finally click the top red button labeled ‘Clear Keybindings’

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Hello, May I please have covenant, talents and rec legendaries plz? Also May I ask you how on earth can I add the covenant ability in the macro? I am sorry I am new player

I updated the original post and the macro itself, you will need to reimport it. Everything should answer your question above.

Amazing! Thank you so much. I originally made this alt in order to farm slime serpent but with your macro is just toooo good to be ignored

Glad you like it. Have fun!!

hey rekt i know this might be asking alot but could you build a macro around this talent build 3,2,1,2,1,1,2 also using pvp talents guardian shield of virtue and steed of glory? <3

Yes it’s possible but I won’t be making or updating any macros for a bit

did i hear a maybe lol hehe

i have some starbucks for you wink wink

I’m currently buying another house and moving so I won’t be making any macros for a little bit sorry