⚔️ Rekt's PVP BM Hunter Macro Updated 7/15/21


It would be great if you can add Flayed Shot into the rotation, it’s so meta right now!

I am Kyrian as it is the best covenant for raiding so I have no way to test it in a macro with flayed shot.

The best Covenant is the one that sims best for you personally. Raidbots says Night Fae is till best for me so I’ve stuck with it.

I’m not getting into a debate about it, I am Kyrian and unable to test Flayed Shot so your only option is to insert it and try it out.

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What MS for this one?

100 ms all of mine run on that

Hey Mate,

first of all thanks for the things u do here!!!
I have a question. Is GSE able to do Timers on macros. For example:

Fight begin first shot = barbedshot ----- timer between next barbed shot 6sec to use the next barbed shot.

Why i ask is. its Powerfull use of barbed shot to stack on longest time for the buff.

i am really sorry for my bad english. Like the most its school english :smiley:

Are you looking for something like /castsequence [nochanneling] reset=6 Barbed Shot? Your cooldown might need adjusting to compensate for scent of blood if you have that talent since you will get two charges of barbed shot with bestial wrath.

i’d like to work with you on a couple macro’s and if its works out you can have all the credit as you know more about making the macro’s than i do i just make small changes to fit my needs and some times it works out for the best but theres things i don’t know how to do yet that i could use your help with mostly all rated arena setups

I am not editing my macros till the new xpac comes out.

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