Request Autohotkey Resto Druid script

Hello! i am new to resto druid and AHK, i would like to setup AHK to help with healing based on color of name plates etc but i do not know how to write AHK scripts nor what wow addons to use for this, if anyone can help me would be appriciated. or has a scipt already i can work off of. or something. i have slow reaction times and i found just hitting buttons 1-12 the bliz ui is kind of delayed.

Scripts to work off colours can technically be created and used but don’t expect to keep your account long for that. It’s bannable.

AHK as a tool used here, is only for repeatedly pressing a button at a certain press delay. Anything more than that is against the ToS of WoW.

Blizzard UI by pressing/clicking keys is actually faster than using a script.
Blizzard want YOU the player to decide what skill to use and when, YOU make the decision, not a script and not a script based on colours.

Scripts for Healing are generally bad but are ok for certain bursts IF you know what spells need to be fired off. Otherwise tools like Healbot and Vuh’do and it’s like are so much better, where you can assign keys to heals.

yeah its okay im just gonna do a disc dps one i think that will be safer.