Request Feedback : Extra Boilerplate

Boilerplate is stuff in programming speak that is the same everytime and copied in by without thought. With GS-E I change some of the boiler plate to Global Options for two reasons.

The first was that it was not obvious to someone new to macros what it was doing. While when you are used to stuff “/use 13” means use first trinket slot, it wasn’t obvious just from reading the macro. This became extra important with the code backdoor that some &^%$^(&'s wrote towards the end of WoD. I move the /run and /console stuff to Global Options so that someone didn’t just copy a command like that at random not understanding what it did. (You cant code around ignorance but you can make higher fences.)

The second was that for things like trinkets and rings someone people wanted them on, others off, some on at certain times and editing a macro every time to put this in or take it out wasn’t convenient.

I have been asked by a GS-E user about adding global options for these entries to reduce the boilerplate.

btw a small suggestion is to include the following lines as togglable global options for "premacros", as that reduces clutter a lot:
  1. /targetenemy [noharm][dead]
  2. /startattack
  3. /petattack [@target,harm]

those are used in almost every macro

I would like to hear what people think. Is this something that is wanted or are you happy as it is now?