Request for a burst macro

It should be simple but somehow I can’t get it working. This if for PvP.

I am using a modified version version of the Po-Chi Macro, removing all burst CDs as I want to keep these for a burst opportunity of my choice, and removing Fist of Fury (I cast this manually) as I need to ensure before I cast FoF that I have a target I can hit.

When the opportunity is right, I would manually cast paralysis on my target, and if my target does not trinket it, I would cast my burst macro with this exact sequence:

Cast Earth, Storm, and Fire twice (I want the clones to fixate my target)
Cast Touch of Death
Cast Leg Sweep (need to stun the target)
Cast Rising Sun Kick
Cast Fist of Fury

than I would go back to my regular macro.

I tried to do this using a shift modifier on the regular Po-Chi macro but was unable to get it working

I tried to put this sequence in a separate macro but after casting storm earth and fire twice and touch of death, it stops and never cast leg sweep.

Anyone can help ?

If you are using the /castsequence [nochanneling] line in the macro it will lock up on touch of death and ESF as they have long cool downs.

I would try using just /cast [nochanneling] ESF in pre macro section followed by /cast [nochanneling] touch of death in the main section then add 2 lines /cast [nochanneling] Rising Sun Kick and /cast [nochanneling] Fist of fury to post macro section and set the macro to sequential mode not priority and manual press the macro instead of using software as to not skip moves out of order due to GCD lockout

Thank you, works flawlessly.

So my PVP setup, in case someone is interested.

Sustained damage
Bound to Key 1: modified version of PO-Chi (removed Fists of Fury so that I can cast though a separate keybind)
Bound to Key 2: Fists of Fury (I keep the Po-Chi macro going, and when I have FOF available AND I know I can connect to my target, I cast FoF while leaving Po-Chi macro running)

Burst (I am using a weak aura to tell me when my burst CDs are available)
I get 5 Chi, I first paralyze my target to see if he will trinket, if he does I will Leg Sweep and cast the burst macro, if he does not than I cast the burst macro
Bound to Key 3 is the burst macro(see previous post) which cast ESF twice, than ToD, than rising sun kick, than FoF (not max level yet so no essence)

After FoF I go back to regular sustained damage macro

Defensives are on separate keyBinds, but they can be part of the sustained damage macro

If anyone who PvP with WW has suggestions for a better GSE setup, feel free to suggest. This is the minimal setup I have found working for PvP, it is not a one macro setup (I have 7 keybinds total: 2 GSE macros, FoF, Vivify, than my defensives) but as low skill old gamer I can manage those 7 keybinds while keeping my eyes on the screen.