Request for Help: Replacement Spells

Hi All,

@Cymiric found a problem in Beta and to solve the problem I need community input. Replaced spell id from talents will not revert back when talents are changed. · Issue #406 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

The summary of the issue is that Spells like Gloomblade or Crusade have an underlying spell - Backstab and Avenging Wrath. When you put /cast Backstab in a macro and have the talent for Gloomblade, it will cast Gloomblade. But if you have the reverse /cast Gloomblade in your macro and then change talents to not have Gloomblade anymore, this line wont do a backstab. Instead this will do nothinb. This behaviour is WoW’s behaviour not GSE’s.

In BfA GSE stores the Spell Id rather than the name but it translates back to the spell name when you edit a spell. If you create a macro, and then swap talents and edit it and then swap talents and edit again, you could end up with a situation where you have /cast Gloomblade in your macro and not the talent to use it.

What I need to do is compile a list of all the spells that replace spells based on Proc’s or Talents etc. I am asking for your help as I don’t play every class and don’t want to be forever adding in spells cause I missed your class which i may not play every variation of.

Current Known List:
Crusade -> Avenging Wrath
Avenging Crusader -> Avenging Wrath
Beacon of Virtue -> Beacon of Light
Blessed Hammer -> Hammer of the Righteous
Blessing of Spellwarding -> Blessing of Protection
Hand of the Protector -> Light of the Protector

Impending Victory -> Victory Rush
Warbreaker -> Colossus Smash
Ravager -> Bladestorm
Victory -> Victory Rush
Devastator -> Devastate

Gloomblade -> Backstab
Slice and Dice -> Roll the Bones

Mindbender -> Shadow Fiend
Mindbomb -> Physic Scream
Shadow Word: Void -> Mind Blast
Purge the Wicked -> Shadow Word: Pain
Luminous Barrier -> Power Word: Barrier

Mongoose Bite -> Raptor Strike

None At the Moment

Storm Elemental -> Fire Elemental
Cloudburst Totem -> Healing Stream Totem

Lonely Winter -> Summon Water Elemental
Shimmer -> Blink

Chi Torpedo -> Roll
Serenity -> Storm, Earth and Fire

Tiger Dash -> Dash
Incarnation: Chosen of Elune -> Celestial Alignment
Incarnation: King of the Jungle -> Beserk
Brutal Slash -> Swipe
Intimidating Roar -> Incapacitating Roar

Demon Hunter
Demon Blades -> Demon’s Bite
Fracture -> Shear

Death Knight
Clawing Shadows -> Scourge Strike
Defile -> Death and Decay
Hungering Rune Weapon -> Empower Rune Weapon

For Shadow Priests, we have Void Eruption (No Voidform) / Void Bolt (Voidform). ???

In a macro context if you are in Voidform and you go /cast Void Eruption does it trigger Void Bolt instead?


Almost forgot - Shadow Word: Void (SWV) replaces Mind Blast (MB).
Meaning, if you macro it as MB it will cast SWV.

Should have re-read the OP - I see you already had this one covered. :wink: