Request Frost Mage PvE/PvP

Looking for a frost mage macro mainly for PvP. Been out the game for awhile and could really use some help.

Put this GS macro together mainly for PVE however think it will work well with PVP also. Let me know what you think.

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Putting everything to use that a frost mage has. Note: Blizzard is on curser, Meaning it will cast where your curser i.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.03.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Ice Barrier

KeyPress: Ice Lance, Flurry, Summon Water Elemental

Main Sequence: Glacial Spike, Ebonbolt, Frostbolt, Icy Veins, Frozen Orb, Blizzard, Comet Storm

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That sir is an awesome macro!

Pleased I could help :slight_smile:

How fast do u use it?

Its continous just keep pressing that 1 button. you also have to mouse over for blizzard buts its preaty easy to use… i have also found using Weak aura mods helpfull to see what will come when easyer during long fights

i normally don’t right a response tbh but the macro is really nice, i enjoy it quite a bit works pretty well in arenas

Your welcome… if anyone needs me to look at this macro further for changes just let me know.

hello. question about your macro for the frost mage. I can’t figure out with your macro rotation of why it says the mob is out of range or i need to get closer when i already am in range? BTW its a terrific macro, just a bit annoying lol. Please help…thanks

This will be due to it having blizzard and comet storm within the rotation. it will still cycle through the casting however it will tell you its out of range of relevant spells if it cannot cast them

Blizzard needs to be out, spamming this at 35 and blizzard rarely
is cast where i want it, also losing targets cause of blizzard
animation being cast while it is on cd.

Even when i take blizzard out, it stays in in pvp. Trying on dummys, no blizzard,
itsnot even in the macro no more… but when i join bg… blizzard is in the rotation again

how is that possible when i took it out

This really would be amazing if you could remove blizzard. I find that I am clicking the 1 buttton with my mouse more often than I am pressing it with my finger and it spams blizzard in the wrong location. Can you remove blizzard please and leave the rest the same?

what are the talents cant find it

How fast pls.