REQUEST: Swiftmend + Wild Growth + Essence of G'Hanir

Hi everyone. I was hoping someone could help me with a GS macro that does the following assuming these abilites are all up and available:

  1. Cast in this order Swiftmend > Wild Growth > Essence of G’Hanir
  2. Cast Wild Growth when Swiftmend and Essence are on cooldown.

The problem I’m having right now is that sometimes it stops casting Swiftmend but just keeps trying to cast Wild Growth.

Thank much!

All spells will cast when it’s off cooldown and when something else is on cooldown… not sure why this is always requested because it’s a constant.

Now you could do a /castsequence Swiftmend, Wild Growth, Essence of G’Hanir

But it’s never going to be explicit and only go in that order. If the spell cannot be cast in a certain amount of time then it will be dropped from the spell queue and move to the next.

You can’t tell it not to progress until that spell is used. GSE is a container that serves the lines to the WoW Client, it doesn’t know if it’s cast or not, it will just keep serving abilities.

You can Bury Wild Growth in a /castsequence line as Cym recommended and force it to cast Swiftmend before it will allow Wild Growth to cast.
/castsequence Swiftmend, Wild Growth

by itself that line would cast Swiftmend and then Wild Growth and then freeze until Swiftmend comes off CD. Castsequence lines require that the previous spell in the line cast before it can move on to the next. which is why lines like:
/castsequence spell 1, spell 2, null
work. null is an invalid cast and thus once the sequence reaches null that line freezes and cannot move past it. Putting a reset=combat condition on something like that makes it cast that sequence line once per combat period.

The issue is the second part off your request to just cast Wild Growth when Swiftmend is in CD. you can try something like this:

/castsequence Swiftmend, Wild Growth, Essence of G’Hanir
/cast Wild Growth

most of the time that will do what you want, but occasionally due to mathematical probabilities, GCD and other factors you may sit with Swiftmend off CD for a cycle or 2

Thank you guys for the feedback and suggestions. Appreciate it!