Requesting Assistance

I am trying to use an already built macro

The problem I’m running into is -

I have installed GSE. I imported the macro. I press the button, it casts 1 skill (Purge the Wicked) then doesn’t do anything. I have to keep pressing the button. It keeps casting PtW. It doesn’t do anything else. Maybe I’m set up wrong?

There is no “Beginner tutorial” on how to get this to work at all that I can find. The website seems kinda sloppy, I would really appreciate some assistance. Maybe this can be some constructive criticism? Unsure…

Read the “How to” section; in it, you will find the answers that you are looking for. And you’ll also find the the site is well-maintained; people are quick to help and also fix problems. Getting on Discord also helps. :wink:

Having said that, the reason why you are only getting one-cast-per-click is that you need either a gaming mouse that has a built-in keybinding macro feature, such as Razer Synapse. Or you can always download freeware, generally called AHK (Auto Hot Key). You will need to set it up according to your preferences. There are YT vids on both GSE and AHK.

Again, look in the FAQ/How-to section for more details.