Requesting Guardian Druid Macro


I need a Macro for Guardian druid Trash killing, I couldn’t find a working macro that’s good for trash killing.
I’m looking for something like, Change into bear form, Wild Charge, then Mangle, Thrash, Lecerate, use Maul only when it procs, spam Lecerate, and cast Mangle on every CD, cast Savage defense on every CD.
If anyone is good with making macros please help me out.



#showtooltip wild charge
/cast Wild Charge
/castsequence reset=7 Lacerate,Thrash, Lacerate, Thrash, Lacerate,
/cast !Mangle
/cast Maul
/cast !Savage Defense
/use Berserk
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

This is working alright for me, but you want to add in pulverize somewhere. Im new to tanking as well as macros, So try this out and let me know.
Have you done the silver pgs?