Requesting opinions: What is the easiest melee to GSE Macro in retail WOW?

Title says it all. I am going to try to play a melee and am looking for opinions.

I am thinking Fury Warrior or Ret Paladin, but would like to here the thoughts of other folks in the community.

Thanks in advance!

How are you defining success?

Good question.

I have very limited use of my left hand so being able to play with my guild in heroic raids or mythic+ and not feel like I am being carried is also a must, but my feelings are not something that can be measured =)

Lets say, parsing at least green with 80% of simulated DPS using a macro with the least amount of conditionals/modifiers. A single macro for each, ST and AOE.

BM is a decent example of this for a ranged class. I main BM hunter

Something like Outlaw, I think, would have too much RNG to make a single macro work well. Having builders and spenders in 1 macro doesn’t seem effective.

Here is my tier of ease for the classes I play

Ret pally
Fury warrior
WW monk

Arms warrior
Enchantment shaman
Vengeance DH

Feral druid

Nope sorry can’t make em work how I want

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Thank you so much.

I had not thought of WW Monk. I might go that route.

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There are many good macros out there for any of them so I would shop around and find what you like.