Requests per second in world of warcraft

Do anyone know what is the maximum requests per second world of warcraft handles?

I remember back in shadowlands some world first gamers using instant cast toys and such to force extra combat events that would make their borrowed power, think it was bane-something to procc faster.

This made their bane-something uptime a lot higher than other players and it could be shown in warcraftlogs that they had a lot higher cpm (casts per minute) than the average player.

So, boiling down to curiosity, how many requests per second can world of warcraft handle right now?

As in if i’d make a macro that with every key press sent 100 lines of text, pressing it 5 times per second, would blizzard compute all 500 lines per second or would some of these just be clipped of as redundancy and giving you a time-out from sending more requests for x amount of ms?

This could be used when creating macros with gse to know how high probability you will fire each spell put into the macro and every extra line you send could infringe on this like the added lines from say keypress and keyrelease offers.