Requests per second in world of warcraft

Do anyone know what is the maximum requests per second world of warcraft handles?

I remember back in shadowlands some world first gamers using instant cast toys and such to force extra combat events that would make their borrowed power, think it was bane-something to procc faster.

This made their bane-something uptime a lot higher than other players and it could be shown in warcraftlogs that they had a lot higher cpm (casts per minute) than the average player.

So, boiling down to curiosity, how many requests per second can world of warcraft handle right now?

As in if i’d make a macro that with every key press sent 100 lines of text, pressing it 5 times per second, would blizzard compute all 500 lines per second or would some of these just be clipped of as redundancy and giving you a time-out from sending more requests for x amount of ms?

This could be used when creating macros with gse to know how high probability you will fire each spell put into the macro and every extra line you send could infringe on this like the added lines from say keypress and keyrelease offers.

Everything is queued server side and processed in the order it is received. You are however forgetting one big thing: Global Cooldown (GCD). Every GCD ability puts all the others on global cooldown which is between 1.2 seconds and 1.5 seconds depending on your characters haste. While you are in the GCD window you can send 1 millions lines of text however all the GCD abilities in that million lines is all ignored by the server until the GCD has completed.

If you send too much crap in this gap, you can disconnect yourself as the server thinks you are trying to DDoS it.


first and foremost, thank you for your response.

I did not forget about the GCD, this question is theoretical and revolves around how much executed activity you can force in a window, i.e. GCD window. As per 1 GCD spell + X amount of OFF-GCD spells (such as demon spikes on a demonhunter or toys that does not activate gcd). Theoretical in the way that there might even not be enough off-gcd spells + toys to even reach the upper limit im searching for.

The reasoning for trying to understand this is since back in Sanctum of Domination a borrowed power was gaining stacks from CPM (casts per minute) and as i understand it, some questionable cast were included, making some people claim that RWF players used this to bloat their activity with off-gcd toys to force more procs than were intentional.

So if i were to use your addon and press the button once per GCD, taking haste into account, how manny rows can i fit that can actually be computed by the blizzard servers?

/cast GCDspell
/cast offgcdspell1
/cast offgcdspell2

Wow has limits on the number of characters not the number of lines. A new line counts as 1 character.

After 1023 characters it becomes iffy as to what is truncated - look at the compiled template to see exactly what is in an action.

To a newbie, that sounds a little bit like a 10 line binary code limit.

So suggesting a 20 character per action we get about 50 actions from a macro click. In the case we find 49 toys that can be used in combat and off the gcd, would they all be executed or is there any other invisible walls in place?

The question you need to ask is “what happens server side with what is sent it?” And this part is not disclosed.

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