reset to default?

I’m new to GS and through experimenting with different sequences and macros i filled the addon and my macro list to max trying to find the one that works for me. i would like to start over but if i delete all the addons and macros in my list and reinstall its all back to the way it was and i cant find an option to delete items in the list of sequences. id like GS to be what its like when first installed.

Hi Dana,

The below links are from the creator of this Mod there will be what your looking for in answers.

GnomeSequencer-Enhanced 101 for those who have never use GnomeSequencer-Enhanced or   GnomeSequencer
Classwide Macros and new stuff in 1.0.3 -
Getting Started, The Sequence Editor and Options -
For Users of original Gnome Sequencer - 

Hope this helps