Some many questions.

So I have a Macro with premacro steps that get executed and one sequence that get executed afterwords, that works fine but how can I get that whole macro to “reset” back to the “?” or beginning.

Is there a time limit or being out of combat, I tried both and it seems not pressing the key for any amount of time and being outofcombat does not seem to reset the macro back to the beginning “?”.

Logging out does but in a raid, I cant do that, I want to use that macro on boss’s only, so I want it reset by the time we get to the next boss.

I dont use /castsequence in the premacro because it seems that GSE is not behaving as I would expect it to (seems that with a castsequence, it also runs the main sequence before all the premacro is done!)

Or does it even matter that the icon for that Macro is the last step taken in the premacro?
It will start at the beginning anyway the next time I use the key?