restarting ui in combat

sometimes i need to restart my ui while in combat but after doing so gnome sequencer wont work till after combat ends so i stand there like an idiot waiting to die . just wonder if anyone else has notice thes problem

It’s not a problem, sadly it’s intended and no way to get around it.

GS checks the OOC queue on startup and when you make edits to a macro. When combat takes place, Blizzards anti bot code won’t allow changes to take place until combat ends, this happens on many addons and even on Blizzards internal macro system. Updates don’t take effect until combat ends.

Why would you even need to reload your UI through combat?

As Cymiric said its intended. This is not entirely true. Its not intended its just one of the things we have no control over. You can’t modify a button or a macro in combat. This is a Blizzard limitation to prevent active bots from mods or a macro giving you the perfect rotation. GSE then has to wait till you are out of combat before it can setup.

i dont change anything when im in combat or in raids i always wait til im doing nothing but when ui fails for other reason like blizzards raid bars or other blizz related issues and your forced to reset it and when you come back from doing so gnome sequencer just doesn’t kick in till after combat has ended so that makes sense on what you said just was hoping for a fix maybe other then that gse is awesome i heal alot and dps so i have tons of macros… thanks