Ret Arena 3v3 Macro by Erwin Liao

so this macro well ill tell u a lil about it its for kyrian 3v3 arena not really for 2s reason is that its using sanctified talent this macro will burst very highly and sustain its self i will post a video of how high it can burst anyway more about this macro i was kind of scared to put this macro into the public because i feared people would use it against me in arena but ive copied and paste a lot of macros people did on this website so they helped me for my alts so i thought it was only fair to give my macro to the community the talents are zeal blade of wrath fist of justice eye for an eye serphim healing hands and the last talent is sanctified wrath so the reason why i chose these talents vs final reckoning is because its for 3v3 not for 2s so you can cleave

so how this macro works step by step you put hand of justice the stun on to 1 person bind stun to your 1 key then put hard wall on 2 and blessing of protection 3 and put the macro on your 4 so you stun the kill target then spam the macro using 4 keybind this macro will burst instantly and the reason you have hard wall and blessing of protection and 2 and 3 keybind is that this macro will cast shield of vengeance and eye for an eye so your safe to not bubble the 2nd step is to use hand of protection and finally hard wall divine shield

the order is press macro let the macro run its self to get eye for an eye and shield of vengeance u will have time to survive then the 2nd defnesive is hand of protection and lastly hard wall keybind 2 the reason you want these talents

is because of 3v3 vanguards on the ladder uses sanctified because theres 3 players and it just works out trust
so here is the macro i wanted to give people i mean i wanted to give to the people for helping me with there macros for my alts like elfy and ozzy and such



Heres a video of the actual footage how you can 1 shot

heres another video for 1 shot

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Gonna give it a go. Thank you.

@Erwin_Liao been watching your vids, whats the highest rating you got using the macro. Thank you in advanced

thanks for watching my videos :smiley: for arena not high at all 1500 to 1600 but my warrior macro i made got me to 1700

i mean for pally not that high 1500 to 1600 i play to many characters

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what legendary you guys use ? want to try the Divine Resonance

Awesome post. What MS do use for this macro?

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