Ret "Oh Shit" Macro All help gratefully appreciated.

Hey guys, very helpful site however i found a great deal confusing.
i’m not normally a macro person in fact as far as my macro making goes was to make a macro to tie in my dps cd’s.

However i recently made an attempt at making a macro that if needed i could just hit and or spam if i find myself in shit w/o loh/DS available,

i’m very new to castsequence macros and i don’t fully understand as you will see, i’ve created a macro as below but after seeing a few other macros on the site i believe it could be a lot better thought out or wrote and after hours of searching the net i have not come across an answer.

I would be greatfull if someone could look at this and suggest an improvement and hopefully you will see where i was going with it.

i’m using macrotoolkit for the 1st time also as i gave myself a headache trying with wows standard macro interface. It has been built assuming i will always have at least 1 holy power altho i’m sure this could be improved as it will fail if i have none.

i believe the /stopmacro is not needed but i was experimenting with it

#showtooltip Divine Protection
/use [combat] Gift of the Naaru
/use [combat] Divine Protection
/use [combat] Devotion Aura
/castsequence [@player]Word of Glory, Sacred Shield, flash of light, hand of freedom, execution sentence

Ideally i would like execution sentence to be higher in the priority but as 99% of the time it will be on cd due to using it for dps, there will ofc be times when it is off cd, and if this is the case id like it to be used if available higher in the list. and preferably flash of light last in the priority as more than likely ill be moving out of shit if its ever used

Also as i’m talented for speed of light i’d like this to be incorporated to the macro sequence early on to give the speed increase to help me get out of said shit, i’m also considering cleanse in the macro also for added bonus.

This macro is not meant to be intended to replace the individual spells, i’d just like it to have every beneficial spell in use incase that time ever comes.

Below is another macro i have experimented with however i’d like it to have also flash of light and execution sentence (as a heal) , (i’ve tried to add this and the macro fails miserably when i do - yet again my incompetence at macros comes before me) added and have it so i can right click the macro to cancel the bubble as opposed to double clicking

#showtooltip Divine Shield
/cancelaura divine shield 
/use [combat] divine shield
/castsequence  Word of Glory, gift of the naaru,

Again i’m not adverse to spamming either macro to go thru the priority list, however i do not wish to incorporate my dps rotation in to these at all, unless it is recommended to cast a spell to give a charge of holy power before the Word of Glory sequence to ensure it does not fail.

Finally would it be possible to set either up to continue the sequence if a spell was on cd.

Thanks in advance guys, all suggestions and improvements welcome, as i said at the start i’m very new to macros especially castsequence as you can tell i’ve not added reset timers as i’m not 100% how they work or the best numbers to use, i’ve read that latency seems to have an effect, generally my lat is between 40-60.