Ret Paladin lvl 70 DPS Castsequence Macro

Hey all - here’s a macro ive made which tries to put everythin all on 1 button with some modifiers in place depending on if you want to use Holy Wrath or if you are in Execute Phase.


## Talents: Wrath CLASSIC

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.05.

- The Default macro template is 1
- PVP uses template 2

This uses the castsqueunce macros in this video:

I’ve tested this against the first off cooldown macros on here already and this does seem to put out higher dps than them, but eager to get more feedback on it.

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the mod shift to judge wisdom doesnt activate the macro at all.-- only unmodded macro is working

by far the best ret dps macro in all of this category

im pulling way more dps then the other macros

Does it work for lvl 80 dungeon and raiding ?

I have been using this for Heroic Dungeons and the DPS is awesome, typically in the top two. Have not been able to get modifiers to work.

Trying this out atm, seem to blow thru mana hella fast, how do you combat this? Dont Divine Plea in there as well, guessing that means its on us to hit?

Ziggy, just wanted to pass along Kudo’s and thanks. This macro rocks! What do you think the impact would be to add Devine Plea & Sacred Shield to the rotation?

Attention Reviewing the Macro, I noted that some of the spells are not using the highest rank.

Flash of Light
Holy Wrath
Hammer of Wrath

I updated them, realized about a 250 DPS increase up to 2.7 k peak and 2.6 sustained for single target.

Its absolutely not working for me. Just all time Question sight on icon, and thats all. What a problem it can be?

Apparently [nomod] doesn’t work correctly. As soon as I remove this function from the macro, the sequence of all skills is again reflected on the panel. For some reason this is a problem only in gse. This is not the case with regular macros. Maybe someone faced such a problem?

Upd2: Mods also dont work. In particular Shift.

Ziggy, this macro is amazing. I am having one problem that hopefully you may be able to shed some light on. The shift mod doesn’t work, alt and ctrl work well but shift is a no go. I have deleted every keybind in game that uses a mod key as this is also a problem I am having on other macros also.

Do you have any ideas as to what this could be.

Otherwise great job and Thank you.
Kynsian (Mithrae level 62 Paladin)

what is the tailen code?

so is the nomod ment to be single target?

What build are you guys using for this macro?