Ret Palli Gnome Seq Pvp

If any of you awesome people could help with these would be awesome.

Thanks in advance /

I’ve tried to get some pvp macros before… I’ve even suggested a separate section in the forums because I think it would be helpful for the same reasons the rest of the lazy macros are: good academic exercise, useful for people who want to play on an intellectual level rather than on a I-can-hit-keys-faster-than-you level, help those who are disabled and couldn’t pvp otherwise, etc. Unfortunately, it would seem people get rather guarded with their pvp macros because of the direct competition. Competition > philanthropy it would seem.

Some will say that it’s because pvp doesn’t hold to a set rotation, which is true, but it’s not like it goes beyond a few different scenarios. One macro might be all that’s needed for pve, but pvp could also be handled with 2 or 3 macros at the most especially with the introduction of GS macros where interrupting a /castsequence isn’t fatal to your rotation anymore.

The truth is posting something that might beat them on the dps charts is one thing because it’s still for the purpose of taking down a common foe, so you both win. Posting something the next guy they face in the arena might use against them is another because if you win, they lose. People aren’t going to help you take something away from them.

As for me, I normally might have helped, but then you used the word “awesome”. Twice. In the same sentence. Then again, I did help you learn two things today, so I guess that’s a plus.

Hi Jenna
Hope u are well and merry x mas if u celebrate. What u say is very true yet very sad and thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


My pleasure. Merry Xmas.