Ret pally macros

Hello I am pretty new to this but I have been trying to use the MACROS for a ret pally in dragonflight and they are not working for me. Protection works and all of my other MACROS are working fine except RET Pally’s am I doing something wrong?

can you give a lil more info? make it easier to help you. :slight_smile:

Also let us know what macro your using. in case we can get the creator to help also. lol

Sorry about that. I have tried almost all of the ret pally macros and when I hit/gse in game and paste the macro all I get is a book for an icon and the icon cannot be dragged to the spellbar. If I am not explaining it right I am sorry. I will keep trying. Ty

click on the macro in the menu and then click on create Icon button

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Or tick the box to Create the Icon on the import screen.

You have to make sure there is room for gse to make a macro.
If you have been trying out alot of different gse macros you could check you character specific macros, and see if that page is full.

The “book” is shown if gse failed, or didn’t get told to make a macro on import :slight_smile:

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Thanks to all. I will try to see if any of the above work. Ty Again