Ret PvP Macro From a Baguette , Give a Try

Hi , To start am a french baguette so dont be RUDE with my english and its first time posting here for me .
After testing litteraly all the Ret paly macro , nothing work good for me and nothing i change in work so i finally decided to make my own for the first time .

I actually play only in PVP but i guarentie thats rock un PVE to .

Give a look at screen , higher DPS on target dummy than the SIMC for the exact SAME amount of spell cast

Give me some feed back on this , i will not make a AOE version of this cause you only have to copie past and replace Final Verdict by Storm .

Feel Free to put spell out of macro

Macro Run at 50 MS
Sim at 7K3 Finish Dummy at 8K7
Final Verdict Legendary




welcome to the group. but your french we have to pick on you. lol just kidding.

I will let you know how your macro works for me. i’m a PVE player 252 4 tier 2 leggo.

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@Siodar pls let me know how it goes

@Siodar Thanks man , cant wait to read u

sorry it’s @Ruhz_Baguette how is the DPS of this?

@Boomieboy Simulation say 7K4 and i run it at 8K7 on Dummy so its rock really good "for me "

Unless I’m misinterpreting what you said but it’s virtually impossible to get those numbers on a Training Dummy after you Sim.

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nice new macro i play pvp 2 ill give it a try

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@Deezyl_Fizzlepop just look at screen you will see

And in the Raidbots screenshot in yellow it also says" This report has a high error margin. Results may be shaky, interpret with care."

You simmed as “Light movement” and unless that occurred while DPSing that way on a Training Dummy Raidbots performed the Sim 20031 times with an average of 7209 DPS (Raidbots uses a perfect rotation every time with WoW’s combat numerical discrepancies).

No macro ever created for combat will do this. Ever. If it did there would no reason to do any sort of manual rotation and WoW’s API will not allow it…

Plus, I edited your Title. Macros will perform differently for every user based on skill, gear, lag, etc. In all my years on this awesome website have I never seen someone say that they’ve Simmed higher or gotten better results than the OP. Why? Because that macro is tuned to that particular character.

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ok, ran this on a few normals and low mythics. not doing great on the DPS side. am gonna try in BG this weekend. still like that you put this out for everybody.

@Deezyl_Fizzlepop what can i tell you more . Sim is Sim boy

I put a screen with my stats , you see my buff you see my Ilvl you see everything , nothing more just look . Its working BEST for ME than every other macro and trust me i actually do 7 years of top 3/4 France Guilde Raid Ranking i know about SIm / Dps / Stats etc …

For me its working awsome , i link everything and everyone can see stats gear MS …
Feel Free to test and see if its work for u or not .

Have fun boys