Returned to WoW after almsot a year-- GSE shows no macros, but when I import it says i have 18

where are they?

lasti played when I type /gse, it shows all the macros ive imoprted.

This latest version shows a blank slate-- theres nothing there.

However, when I do attempt to import a new macro its says it cant as I m full

type /m and look at all the macros you have in there.

ah ty

why dont the gse macro show up in the compiler? so bizzare

Since you took time off, the macros are from an older gse version and don’t always migrate over.

If you deleted your WoW Install in that time off you deleted your GSE templates. They don’t disappear unless you physically deleted the files off your hard disk. The big version change happened 4 years ago so would have had no effect to your time off.

huh… I had this same issue happen to me though when I stopped playing my Hunter in Shadowlands… never uninstalled or changed anything regarding files. when I went to play Hunter again all macros were not in GSE but were still stored on my macro list in the game. Maybe bug? I just figured it was from new versions of GSE :slight_smile:

If that was between 9.0 and 9.1 then yes it was tied to a significant GSE update however as I said that was 4 years ago and you would have had to have not played after 9.0 till DF prepatch almost 2 years later. Even then those old templates are still stored in the GSE.lua file and can be imported. The only way the OP’s situation can occur in the timeframe they are specifying is if the uninstalled WoW or specifically had something clean out the local WTF folder


deleting macros from the WoW macro list work-- I also enablesd the global macro thing under options