Returning player... tank one button?

So some friends of mine are trying to convince me to come back and tank for them. Just normal stuff, doubt we get much into mythic. Anyways, any tanks that work well with just the one button? I truly want to be lazy…

viktri’s guardian druid is prolly ur best bet really just need to moon fire then press macro

what class/spec do you plan to play? it will help get better answer. if your gonna play druid then @Nod given you a good one to check out. there are alot of good tanking macros, just need to go to them and research.

I used to mainly play Hunter and Ret Paladin. Hunter obviously can’t tank. So Paladin would be cool but as quick as it is to level, Druid would be fine as well. Any class really. I just want to keep it as simple as possible. I’m not a huge fan of tanking but that is what my friends need so I’m trying to find the least painful way to do it, lol.

i personally like tanking on Druid and Pally. the Druid one i use is the Viktri one. and i still deciding on if i like Elfyau or Oak’s.

if your looking for a prot paladin one dannys is by far a million miles above the rest people knock it because its made with ai but if its better then its just better…

Prot Warrior is also EXTREMELY sturdy. Major CDs are not in it but ignore pain and Shield block have 98%+ uptime and healers barely look at you ever.