Robert Icebear Prepatch BM (M+ & Raid) (ST & AOE Separated) Highly Optimized DPS (Update 8)

sadly arcane shot in the rotation is not optimal thats why i didnt include it n.n

is the bug related to blizz api, timothy made a little post on how to fix it ill put it here.

IF you are having issues with GSE on Dragonflight:

1 - Make sure you are running GSE 3.1.13
2 - Go to /macro
3 - Delete everything in /macro
4 - Log out
5 - Login
6 - Open GSE
All your macros should be a blue book.  If not go back to step 2
7 - select templates and choose Create Icon to change to a ?
8 - Logout
9 - Login
10 - Use Macro

IF that still doesnt work 
- Go to /macro and look at the macro stubs.  If they are 255/255 then they have been truncated and wont fire.  Delete the macro stub - go to /gse and rename the template with a shorter name
- Check your keybindings - In GSE's options on the on the Macro Reset tab there are two buttons:  "Clear Keybindings" and "Update Macro Stubs"  Blizzard reset everyones keybindings and setup somethings in the UI that you may not have thought to look at.
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Can’t put the macro on the bar, can’t drag it out of GSE

In wouldn’t tune a thing on any character UNTIL two weeks after Raids have started when we start getting a bit of gear and solid numbers from Raid or M+.

ok i did all that and still not working

Not being rude at all. It’s a mixture of common sense, knowing how macros work, how GSE works, what conditions are, and how to properly play your Class/spec/Race.

You’re running the macros way too fast.
It will skip over any procs that you might need to trigger at that time.
Your macros are a roulette wheel- you never know what’s going to happen.
ALL classes have a ROTATION- check Icy Veins- the speed of the macro is totally ignoring that.
Your flooding GSE’s input queue at that speed.

I know I just typed the same thing as above.

False. Haste, if applicable, is determined by SIMMIMG your character. If in large chunks your macro has to adjust to it mostly by SLOWING down your ms speed.

Please take the time to read this and get back to me ( Tim posted this in my Guide on here):

So much speculation and complete lack of understanding.

If you use Autohotkey, Razer Synapse, Logitech GHub with WoW you are risking your account and can be banned. This isn’t new and isn’t news. Input Broadcasting Software + GSE Bots, Botting and the thin grey line.

100ms is a myth - any value has risk and you can be banned for any value. Using AHK to click a button for you according to WoW’ TOS is classed as cheating. Now before you go but what about this legislation etc by agreeing to play the game you as a player agree to abide with this rule.

As I have been quoted People are constantly being banned for using AHK. This again IS NOT NEWS!!! The “but we have always done this” people read this: STOP BEING AN IGNORANT DUMB ASS AND LISTEN: If you continue to do this you are playing Russian roulette. You may not get banned but don’t cry if you do.

What can be done to minimise the risk - there are some things that can be done.

  1. Blizzard are concerned with unfair advantage. If you spam your macro you can click at speeds that are unable to be sustained by the average person. Slow down your MS - as a rule of thumb I wouldn’t go UNDER 250ms. That is the absolute bottom ceiling. This is still 4 clicks a second. “Oh but my macro runs crap at that speed”. Let me fix that for you - “Your macro is crap!” Fix it. You are trying to stuff way harder than you need and it’s costing you DPS but I will cover that later. If you are running at 100ms (or a complete tool running in the 10’s and 20’s) you are waving a big flag at Blizzard saying “Please ban me I am an idiot who doesn’t care that I am exploiting the game.”. I have been talking about running at higher speeds > 250ms long before work even started on GSE3. Again this isn’t new!
  2. Blizzards rules are in place because they want you the player making decisions not a mod or a macro. A bit can be written in AHK that watches pixels and performs very detailed actions. This means that if you are using AHK - let the buyer beware - you can be banned outright because you are using software that is botting software. Again this isn’t news - see links above.
  3. control when your macro runs. In the last week a couple of special dumb asses got banned because they walked out into Maldraxxus, toggled their macro on, and walked off made coffee and came back 3 hours later. Or they toggled their macro on and went back to Oribos and left it running. Again don’t be an ignorant dumbass. Using a hold down approach is not perfect but it is safer than a toggle. “Why can’t GSE tell me that my macro is toggled on?” How can GSE tell what you have setup in a third party tool outside the game? GSE has no third party components. It solely is in game.
  4. you cannot get banned for Using GSE. It is totally contained within what Blizzard exposes for mods to use. It cannot break the rules. If it does try it cannot operate and you have to do a /reload. Using third party apps OUTSIDE the game (ahk, GHub,etc) are what can get you banned. If Blizzard doesn’t like how GSE works within those rules they will change the API and stop mods, not just GSE, from accessing the parts of the API that GSE uses. This is important.

Now having said all that these are things that are different that need to be taken into account:

  1. Changing CVar x - CVars are client variables. Changing a CVar has NO EFFECT on how the server side of the game operates. WoW is not a twitch based game. It is designed that there is a 1.3 second gap between actions to account for people’s reaction times and lag. What that means is there is a fair amount of tolerance and you don’t need your macro clicking 13 times or more within that window. (100ms in a 1.3 second window is 13 clicks - that’s 12 skipped actions in your macro between one line and the next).
  2. Now server side when you send a command to WoW it is buffered into a queue and this is collected periodically. This is why changing that CVar has no effect. You change what you send the server but you are not changing how fast the server processes the information you send. If you send a bunch of actions a bunch will be ignored. This means that your [mod] commands will be sluggish and laggy and slow to respond.
  3. GSE2 had a ton of internal lag. When you pressed a button in GSE2 it would spend 130-300ms figuring out what command was next and then sent that. If you clicked again in that window it would just skip and ignore what you pressed. At 100ms every 2-3 clicks were just being dropped client side and not even sent to WoW servers. Icons would cycle and it “looked” like you were doing something but it actually wasn’t. GSE3 had exposed this as it doesn’t have this lag. If you are running at 50MS GSE keeps up but it costs you FPS and as you are flooding input queues WoW will cut your connection as a defence as it thinks you are running a Denial of Service attack. The follow on from this is the faster you run your macro (ie the lower the MS) the more random the next line becomes. This is based on simple maths. 100ms in a 1.3 second window = 13 actions. 50ms in a 1.3 second window is 26 actions. If you macro is 10 actions long it will run through multiple times before the next action. - USE YOUR BRAIN it’s not rocket science.
  4. putting a random value in AHK so it appears like you are not using AHK is a sign that you are trying to exploit. They already know you are using AHK/GHub etc via Warden. This is a flag that you are trying to exploit and a dumb ass.
  5. macros are like cars - smooth is fast. You also have more control the slower your ms and can write better macros making it a lot easier to interject with things like [mod] and manual actions.
  6. the sweet spot MS wise will be different depending on each macro, your gear, your class and your connection. Just because the author runs at 250ms doesn’t mean this is the best number for you. You need to do some testing and investigation. 90% of people won’t do this and get crap results and then blame the author. This is the behaviour of an ignorant dumbass! Don’t be a dumbass. “But I can’t write macros” guess what no one could. We learn by doing not by whinging.

Now despite me saying the bulk of this for 4 to 5 years guys like ScarryLarry has gone “the sky is falling” and attempted to induce a panic. I have repeatedly informed SLG that what he is saying and trying to do needs to change. It has been “when agSE3 comes out I’ll change.” Then it was “I just want to get my macros working then I’ll change”’. And now it’s “Why didn’t you tell me to change earlier now I have to spend all this time reworking things as I’ve done it wrong? Why don’t you ban people for doing the wrong things. Why doesn’t GSE block things from happening?” In answer to all those things, I have repeatedly and GSE can’t control what you do OUTSIDE the game. It also can’t control how often you click your macro as it simply doesn’t know and can’t tell. If it could know this - it would t be able to run your macro.

In the last two days unfortunately SLG still hasn’t gotten it and completely misinterpreted what had been said to him. He has now thrown the baby out with the bath water. The rules around GSE haven’t changed with GSE3. The rules are exactly the same as in GSE2. It is however exposing the ignorant who have no clue and want to remain in their ignorance.

As for other things in this thread - Yes Blizzard reached out to me, or someone claiming to be from
Blizzard, prior to when the IBS stuff started. GSE has 8.5 million downloads and yes they care about people with disabilities. Their stance is that no number is acceptable as the practice of using a third party tool to press buttons for you is not acceptable. AGAIN this hasn’t changed. Are they religiously enforcing this - no. They are evaluating on a situational bases on what is the player doing. Translation if you act like a dumbass you may be banned.

Do they read this forum? I don’t even read this forum. I poke my head in once or twice a week and even then I don’t read 95% of the stuff written here as honestly so much of what I read is so completely wrong full of subjective and “I think x so therefore it must be”. This is a community that uses GSE but it is neither the sole community or even the largest. One of the questions I get asked by other people in other communities is “Why are the WLM macros so bad?” The answer I have to give is people here don’t want to know the truth and how to be better they just want to stay in their bubble and pretend they are the only ones in it.

None of this is written to offend however If anything in this offends you I would perhaps go back and look at why does this offend you.

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I don’t know but maybe it’s me. Ive been using 2.0 GSE up until the prepatch. I would modify the macro I had in there from BFA. yes 2.0 was a working copy, Ijust didn’t update to the new GSE. Now that I have updated. I can’t get anything to work and that is with deleting all the old macros from the /macro section. I do simple import with this with the loadout and I can’t get the macro to even start to work, it just cycles thru the spells on the action bar. Im don’t using any keybinds like crazy ones, just the number 4 on my bar. ANyone can any ideas?

i dont know maybe im just stuiped i have been useing gse for years it was working i log in today and nothing

Im right there with you. Ive used 2.0 for so long that 3.0 just weird to me. I hate change, but now Im doing it I cant get it to work and its making me mad. I don’t use an external button mashing program to do it for me.

I’ll disagree here as I used to work for Blizz. Now that the pre-patch is live, you will see fewer bans because Blizz improved the functionality of disability tools, with the new auto target system (no longer need /targetenemy in a macro), and the hold to cast feature as well as a hold for Evokers.

Where Blizzard will be hitting people is using software emulators like AHK. The key thing is Blizzard can not see what keyboard you use, as I worked in the IT Department (Former Infrastructure Director). Blizzard nor any game company has any precise tools that show what keyboard is being used by what player. Not even Microsoft or Sony have these either to view what controllers are being used on consoles.

So Blizzard banning people from using keyboard emulation like iCUE and others is a myth. AHK on the other hand is coded differently and looks like a robot to other players which will then put in a ticket that they are botting. iCUE doesn’t do that because iCUE and others DO NOT MOVE FOR YOU according to Blizzard’s TOS, botting programs are not allowed that MOVE for you like taking you from one spot to another automatically including turning in quests in combat, or going from one zone to another. Buttons are not bannable because they are actions that are done in-game already from the action bar or spell book.

I’ve explained this many times but it seems like the mods do not trust information. That’s fine, you can reach out to Blizzard’s legal department if you wish, or you can believe one of the people who created WoW. And if your wondering why I’m not there anymore you can blame Bobby F’n Kotnik, that guy is a f’n tool. Also as proof, Metzen and I are good friends same with Pardo, and Greg (Ghostcrawler). Metzen and I used to hang out a lot when I lived closer to Irvine, I moved to San Diego, but we used to see each other every few months, I still have all my gifts from Blizzard that I got during my time there. Also, my server engineering and infrastructure that I built way back when, is still in place, just with new hardware. FYI, Black actually reached out to me in 2020 to help them out with a bunch of projects in which I was on Blizzard’s payroll for a good 8 months on some new projects.

At the end of the day, Blizzard can’t read hardware keyboards, I know this for a fact because I was there at that time when those tools were created. Software tools like AHK, and Blizzard is going to catch you. Do yourself a favor and buy a $60 keyboard with macro slots, it’s much safer and much easier to work with than AHK. I use Corsair keyboards, but I used to work for Razer (I was one of the lead devs on Synapse), and those work fine too. Most of them work well including Logitech’s and if you have one, D-Link’s old gaming keyboards work fine too (Lead dev there on that software).

Just a quick edit - I have been playing WoW since development (started in 1999) and have been a paying member (my sub is not free). My wife is also a paying member, and we both use the same tools we have never gotten a complaint or a message from anybody at Blizzard for botting. We have played the game longer than anybody on these forums with me in pre 1.0.

BTW that post above, there is no source on who supplied that. As I said you can talk with Metzen if you wish, he was my boss during my tenure at Blizzard.


I’m not talking nor mentioned in my posts about being banned.

It’s all about having a ROTATION by either following Icy Veins or Raidbots by simming your proper rotation.

Someone or anyone please refute me that running a macro faster in GSE DOES NOT SKIP OR MISS (sometimes) critical CDs and borking the rotation.

I run at 100ms and it doesn’t miss the rotation at all. It does everything either when the CD is up, or soon after (like 1 second later). I haven’t had any issues since switching back to 100ms, honestly, as I mentioned in my posts my DPS went way up compared to 250 which was producing sub-par results.

I ran on my Monk a few M+ last night, and prior to pre-patch I was doing about 4.5-5k DPS, after pre-patch and some of the mods I did to the macro, I got my DPS on average to about 14-15k DPS with a burst of about 22k.

so your say i cant play my hunter anymore

You can play your Hunter if you’re using the buttons for spellbook-based actions, not moving your character, or performing auto-gathering of nodes and such.

That is what GSE does well is firing off actions that are tied to your spellbook.

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in case of bm hunter macro dont miss any thing on the rotation because the rotarion are like 4 buttons, you can argue all you want in other class for that but not in a bm hunter macro xd

you can play your hunter all you can bro, the thing they are saying is that gse is a tool only to do automatic rotations and dont work as a bot playing for you.

Moonsorrow is saying that blizz dont have a way to detect if you use ahk or any key software, the way they detect you is when other players report you as a bot because you cast too fast

you are bringing to this macro post a discussion that need to be on a separate post on the main part of the wow lazy macros forum, dont transform this humble macro post on a war because you dont like the speed of the macro.

If you dont like the speed you can change in your pc and its fine but ranting here dont make any sence


i dont use ahk i hit the button over and over but it still dosent work

its because the macro problems of blizz api, follow the instructions that ive put that timothy said and you will be fine or use the rexx-castle-vacerako explanation on how he fixed it up in the anwsers of this post

is the macro problem of the last anwser n.n