Rogue "Oh Crap!" Button (Help Needed)

Hey guys, so recently I noticed one of my macros broke. This is a button that acted so well to get you out of a situation where you are about to die. The button checked if you were in combat and if so, it would cloak of shadow, vanish and sprint at the same time. If you weren’t in combat it would act just as a stealth/unstealth button. I was needing help getting it moved to Gnome Sequencer if anybody feels generous.

The original macro:

/cast [combat] Cloak of Shadows; !Stealth
/cast [combat] Evasion
/cast [nostealth,combat] Vanish

Thank you in advance!

/cast Cloak of Shadows
/cast Vanish
/cast Sprint
/use Healthstone
You dont need Stealth in it now if you put it in it it wont keep you in stealth.

Then use on your gse macro onpress
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Stealth

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Awesome, that actually worked and I am back in business. Sorry for the late reply.