Rogue PVP Macro Any good ones?

Any new Rogue pvp burst macros around?

Sadly i cant say i’ve managed to find one here …very strange.If you find one please let me know …Good Luck

The best I have so far was made by tribar-racer it took a little bit of adjusting but the burst is great

What adjustments have u made or can u post?

changed it so I can be in control off all my finishers/openers as well as have an oh shit button and an aoe, it’s not a full “one button” but it does everything but the basic rotation. basically all I have to do build combo points and pick a finisher



Talents: 2131331

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.42.
Hold alt for AOE, Press CTRL to use Loss of control pvp trinket hold for Shift, for OH shit

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Shadow Dance, Cold Blood

KeyPress: Stealth, Tricks of the Trade

Main Sequence: Shadow Blades, Crimson Vial, Black Powder, Shuriken Storm

KeyRelease: Eviscerate, Sepsis, Marked for Death, 14, Evasion, 13, Cloak of Shadows, Tricks of the Trade, Symbols of Death

So how would u use this? just to burst some body? u would toggle off for cheap shot and kidney shot etc?

I just hold it down and press for my backstab, Shadowstrike, finishers and interupts nothing in the macro will break stealth. Mostly yes I use it for bursting

you should not have to toggle off for kidneys or cheap shots the only issue I could see is the Marked for death evis. you could change that evis to kidney and never have to worry about breaking a CC

Just curious what u didnt like about the TRIBAR-RACERS mod? to encourage you to modify it a bit

the damage would fall off was breaking stealth and cause Melee to be your haighest damage dealer sadly ALL the rogue macros suffer from this issue as far as I can tell so I took the basic rotation out and combined the best parts of the macros I have tried together in one