Rogues resist macros!

I’m pretty much convinced that no macros will work efficiently for a rogue. I tried every macro in the Subtlety forum and can’t do any better than when I just spam Hemorrhage, rupture, eviscerate over and over…

With one GS from a macro writer that I trust, I get 1300 DPS, specced to the suggested talents and with standard lvl 91 gear. Others are even worse. There’s one that I used where I got 900 dps. I don’t think it’s the macro writers, I appreciate the hard work, but I just don’t think a rogue is meant to be macro’d.

Using a Razor keyboard with repeat macros, it’s just not working. There are too many procs and the big hitters rely on timing too much.

Thoughts? I’d like to see some dps numbers for people using a macro that get good results and know what they are doing different.

My only thought would be to level to 100 and then try them again. Many macros are built to be used with a level 100 and optimized for that. But they are not for everyone.


I agree. And it’s sad, because I love using rogues. But my high anxiety levels make it nigh impossible for me to efficiently run more difficult content when it comes to focusing on both dungeon/pvp mechanics AND rotation. I like playing Tera for that reason: skills are based less on rotation and more on skillshots and tactics, which I am decent at. WoW is more rotation oriented, and I truly appreciate a good macro that helps alleviate that stress.

I suppose until I can manage to figure out how to handle my stress more efficiently and be able to memorize better, I’m not going to be very good at rogues, and sure as hell won’t find a good macro to help with that.